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  At Blackwater USA's training camp, private security contractors train for their arduous jobs in Iraq, where they serve on security teams, protecting and preserving not only the peace but Diplomats and VIP's, and even assisting in protecting the military's supply lines. 


  The pay for PMC's in dangerous places like Iraq is generous. Experienced people can make $500-750 a day. But it's not all for the money, for many its a new career path that has a sense of duty for country while helping to assist in building a new democracy. After the first Gulf War the US military went through a massive Reduction in Force, sharply reducing our forces, leaving hundreds of thousands of soldiers without employment. Many of them went on to work for the FBI, CIA, DEA, Border Patrol, etc.; others joined police departments, went into security and many started their own companies, doing what they knew best: providing security or training others to do the same. 

SALARIES: (High Approx.)

  • PMC Agents: $150,000.00 per year (tax free.)
  • PMC Senior Agents: $175,000.00 per year.
  • PMC Asst Detail Leader: $200,000.00 per year.
  • PMC Detail Leader: $250,000.00 per year.


  BAMG (Border Analysis & Management Group)

Your borders are your front lines when it comes to protecting your country against terrorism, narcotics smuggling and economic instability. Be proactive today and strengthen your front lines ensuring a safe future tomorrow. The strengthening, expansion or reorganization of law enforcement specialties such as Border Police, Customs, and Immigration to support strong borders and ports of entries are increasingly in demand throughout the international community.

Border Analysis & Management Group, Inc. (BAMG) assists nations in building and strengthening their foundation of National Security and are the front line defenders against those attempting to harm their sovereignty and economy. We have extensive counter insurgency and narcotic interdiction experience both domestically as well as internationally.   We have conducted training, advising and the reorganization of Police/Border Police Forces throughout Africa, Central and South America, the Middle East, the Balkans and Southeast Asia.BAMG is available to advise, train and mentor those governmental agencies wanting to improve their performance and to expand or reorganize their border security forces for the current environment that they face today. 




The following list highlights a few of our key assets and services:

  • Analysis and assessments of existing organizations, training programs or operations
  • Implementation and reorganization programs that include advising and training oversight
  • Domestic training and advising to local law enforcement agencies
  • Assist local and federal agencies with support services
  • Deployment of Special Border Operation Teams
  • Recruiting and vetting of qualified professionals for independent contracting opportunities. 


  • 60 plus - Security firms employing agents in Iraq.

  • 200 plus - Security firms worldwide.

  • 15,000 – 20,000 - Private security agents employed by those firms.

  • $1.5 million - Dollars per month paid to Executive Outcomes to subdue 10, 000 rebels in Sierra Leone in 1995-96.

  • $40 million - Dollars per year paid to Executive Outcomes to quell 50,000 rebels in Angola in 1993-95.

  • $100 million - Dollars to be spent by U.S. occupation authority to secure Baghdad area in next 14 months.

  • $100 billion - Size of security industry worldwide, annually, in dollars – this year.

  • $202 billion – Estimated size of the security industry worldwide in the year 2002.

  After the Sept.11 attacks business for these small firms exploded, prompted by corporate executives and government officials who wanted to bolster their security overseas. But it was the occupation of Iraq that brought explosive growth to the young industry. America simply doesn’t have a military that can support long term or multiple conflicts around the world. The answer; Private Military Contractors.

Int. Peace Operations Assoc.

 Professional Bodyguards Association



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Cochise Golan Group S.A.I.C.
Control Risks Group Halliburton Secopex Int.
Combat Support Assoc. ICI of Oregon SOC
C S C International Intel Limited Spartacus Security
D F I International Janusian Sec Risk Man. Trojan Securities
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Diligence Inc. Marine Risk Westminister Group PLC
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Border Analysis & Man. Group
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